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15 Sneaky Things That Look Totally Ambiguous

Teasing our eyes and challenging our brain with an object that looks alarmingly similar to something different can be exciting. Whether it’s an eggplant that seems more like the poop emoji than a vegetable, or a laundry machine that ’’stares’’ at you with its googly eyes. These unusual looking things are a good reminder not to trust everything we see with our eyes because sometimes appearances can be truly deceiving.

Bright Side enjoys bringing you surprising sights that you can only see every once in a blue moon. We have gathered a collection of interesting photos that will drop your jaws in disbelief.

1. ’’We grew an eggplant that looks like the poop emoji.’’

2. Should I cook it or give it a blanket?

3. ’’My girlfriend’s 3 lb weights look like green M&Ms.’’

4. ’’My mom found a flamingo in her bell pepper.’’

5. ’’My door knocker is a polite robot.’’

6. ’’My brother-in-law’s washing machine is freaking out.’’

7. ’’My friend cut some wood and found these monks inside.’’

8. ’’I was cooking pasta when suddenly a Cookie Monster appeared.’’

9. ’’My makeup wipe looks like Freddie Mercury.’’

10. ’’This was completely unintentional.’’

11. ’’My toothpaste looks like salmon belly.’’

12. ’’My dad thought this stone looked so much like an owl he made it a little stand.’’

13. ’’I think my lounge chair likes the snow.’’

14. ’’My friend found this oddly terrifying apple.’’

15. ’’This mushroom in my yard looks just like a giant chocolate donut.’’

When was the last time you’ve encountered an object that you thought was something else at first sight? Do you think that seeing them can have a hidden meaning?

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