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15 Things That Perfectly Match Their Surroundings

It’s incredibly satisfying when we’re able to make our clothes match. But that feeling skyrockets when something completely random goes perfectly with what’s around us. Take, for example, a cat whose fur is almost flawlessly disguised by a floor or a sock with the same pattern as your hotel room. Crazy, right?

Bright Side is sharing some peculiar camouflages that caught our eye.

1. “The birthday cake I made for my dad matches our counter.”

2. “My sock matched this wall in a dressing room.”

3. “My boyfriend got me a cat, but I lost it.”

4. There’s a bird in this photo.

5. “This tiny lizard on my sink”

6. “Couldn’t find my tortilla.”

7. “Was at a Red Roof Inn and my brother noticed something when I was laying on the bed.”

8. “Was getting some fish and chips one night when this guy walked in.”

9. “My shoes match the machines I use at work.”

10. “Yes, we did buy the bed because it matched her.”

11. “Dropped my glasses.”

12. “Couldn’t find my straw when I made iced coffee this morning.”

13. “There are 2 cats in this picture.”

14. “A leaf on my bed”

15. “Changed a light bulb above the bed and looked down to this.”

Have you ever accidentally matched something? What’s the most mind-blowing coincidence you’ve ever experienced? Sprinkle the comments with your fabulous stories and pics!

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