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15+ Times Nature Tried Something New and Left Us Fascinated

Mother Nature never sleeps. And often, when we least expect it, we might get blown away by its creations. Whether it’s an overly pruned hand after swimming or an apple that managed to grow between tree branches, nature’s artistic skills can surpass our imagination in every way.

We at Bright Side can’t get enough of all the new inventions nature comes up with every day. That’s why we created one more compilation of its unique work for you.

1. My hand pruned a little bit while swimming.

2. The mosquito I smashed left a print on my hand.

3. I was born with only 4 fingers on my left hand.

4. I found this weird leaf on the road today.

5. My fried egg made a Yin-Yang.

6. The sunset over Northwest Indiana last night

7. I went hiking in the woods after a heavy storm and noticed that only one side of the trees were wet.

8. I can bend my fingers at the first joint while keeping the second joint straight.

9. This cherry tomato looks like a mini squash.

10. A second nail has grown out of my finger ever since it got trapped in a car door when I was 8.

11. This tree looks like it’s giving a thumbs up.

12. My hair on one side grows exponentially faster.

13. One cluster of my flowers ran out of ink.

14. I have an extra finger.

15. My orange tree grows tiny oranges.

16. Worked at a steel mill today. Dust covered my whole hand except for my scar.

17. The way this grape grew

18. This apple grew between branches

Have you ever witnessed any of nature’s unique creations? Do you have pics to prove it? If you do, share them with us in the comments.

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