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15 Times When Someone Accidentally Created a Small Masterpiece

One famous proverb says that the only pusher of progress is laziness. Still, many scientific discoveries in the world were found not because of laziness, but by accident. One of the best examples is Newton’s apple tree and the law of universal gravitation.

We at Bright Side will dare to claim that those times have changed and it has become much more difficult to make revolutionary discoveries. But happy accidents still help people see the world from a different angle and make life a bit brighter.

We have also prepared a bonus for you where we will show you how one of these “accidents” gave birth to a new type of painting.

“My dog knocked over a bottle of bleach cleaner near my laundry pile and I got a sick new shirt out of it.”

“The design on my egg after it cracked while being dropped in the dye.”

“Can you believe I did this to my hair by accident? After having a mental breakdown I actually ended up loving it.”

“I soaked black gram lentils in water for about a day. Such unexpected and colorful results!”

“Forgot my scissors were on my pour table while the crazy exciting pour happened. Now I have a new art piece idea brewing.”

“Accidentally set a hot baking sheet on a plastic cutting board and made a little mushroom forest.”

“My toddler demanded a red sweater I didn’t have enough yarn.”

“This towel my wife accidentally bleached looks like some odd couple kissing in a 17th-century painting.”

“Unintentionally left beets to over winter in the garden. Chicken for scale.”

“Was mixing polymer clay and accidentally created the ocean.”

“Some of the wet glaze stuck to my fingers when I was moving the piece.”

“I accidentally washed and dried a notepad and created art.”

“If you’ve never poured water on Skittles you are missing out.”

“The result of a passing car while I was taking a panoramic picture. Quite unexpected for me, I scratched my head when I first saw it!”

“A clock in a server room where I work is accidental modern art.”

Bonus: Accidental painting

In the ’30s of the last century, the Mexican painter David Alfaro Siqueiros discovered a new type of art — accidental painting. The paints that got chaotically mixed stunned not only the artist but also ordinary people with their aesthetics and complexity, achieved with very little effort.

Today “accidental painting” is a separate type of art that is closely connected with fluid dynamics. But even not knowing their laws, one can create incredible patterns from colorful acrylic paints. All you need to have is some inspiration and imagination.

Have happy accidents ever helped you to see usual things from a different angle?

Preview photo credit universe_point / Reddit
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