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15+ Times Where We Let Our Imagination Run Wild

Reality brings a lot to the imagination. And it is even more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited but the imagination can take over the world. Knowledge will get you from A to Z and your imagination will get you literally everywhere. So why not to relax today and let it flow and fill us with pure fantasy and insight.

Bright Side has found some peculiar pictures that can play tricks with even the most skeptical minds.

1. “The ginger I picked up looks like a dragon.”

2. “This seedpod crying for a sweet release”

3. Those stones look like whales in the forest.

4. “Do you also see it? Why does the inside of my oven look like a surprised pig?”

5. “Enormous moth or clean window?”

6. “Sinister lemon”

7. “The poop the bird left behind looks like a self-portrait.”

8. “This dog pee gives the illusion of this lamp post having a jazzy shadow.”

9. “Cabin in the woods in the woods.”

10. “Tree sort of looks like a dinosaur.”

11. “This weird face that appeared out of nowhere on my panda plant.”

12. “This mushroom eye on my pizza slice.”

13. “This emergency light bug guarding the stairwell.”

14. “Hoo wants some butter?”

15. “My dog has 2 dot marks in her fur and when her tail is down, her bum looks like a wooly mammoth.”

16. “The shadows of these USB drives look like wailing souls.”

17. “This patio heater that warped into an octopus ghost.”

18. “My backpack mildly resembled the sorting hat from Harry Potter.”

19. “My dirty sock looks like a man shouting at traffic from the sidewalk.”

Have you seen anything that really stirred your imagination? Maybe you’ve been lucky to find some even more fancy pictures yourself or catch something like that on your camera? Please share your photos in the comments below.

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