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15 Truly “Expectation vs Reality” Pics That Will Make You Laugh to Tears

Life doesn’t always pan out the way we want it to. Very often, reality doesn’t do our expectations justice — like when you get your boyfriend the perfect picture and in return, he snaps a photo of you in the most unflattering way possible. And while this can be maddening, it can also be fun, if you choose to look at it from that perspective, that is.

We at Bright Side wanted to ease the pain of those whose expectations were not gladly met by reality and compiled 15 photos to prove that you’re not alone.

1. “Pictures I take of my boyfriend vs pictures he takes of me”

2. “At least don’t fry the potatoes, I was on a diet.”

3. “The image on the box was slightly exaggerated.”

4. “What I thought taking my baby outside would be like vs reality”

5. “What you expected your new cat to be like vs reality”

6. “Going to leave the macarons to the French from now on.”

7. “Cake I ordered vs what arrived”

8. “What they wanted vs what they got”

9. “Someone’s having a problem with geometric shapes.”

10. “Looks (and tastes) like old bread left in the sun.”

11. “My son turned 1 yesterday. This was the topper to his space-themed cake.”

12. “Well, I tried.”

13. “Winnie the poor...”

14. “We were really excited to use a lime from our tree for the first time.”

15. “Expectation vs reality — yup, that’s the waistband without any elastic not being able to go past my chest, lol.”

Which of these photos do you think is the winner of “expectation vs reality” fails? Do you have any similar pics?

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