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16 Jokes Only Best Friends Can Understand

Over the course of a lifetime, you have only one or 2 close friends, apart from your significant other. You cry together, laugh together, and have the best memories with them. And one of those memories is when you tag them in a relatable meme that reminds you of your friendship, and then you wait for them to tag you back.

So, Bright Side has brought together more of these amazing memes that you can share with your partner in crime.

1. When your BFF has a bad picture of yours.

2. This is true on so many levels.

3. We have endless nicknames for our BFFs.

4. This image proves that every tall girl needs a tiny BFF to have her back at all times.

5. In sickness, in health, and even in the bathroom, together forever.

6. You cannot allow your BFFs to miss out on the latest memes.

7. When you and your BFF are tight:

8. When my BFF talks to a stranger:

9. When your best friend helps you write a comeback for a text and you know it’s good:

10. When your best friend begins to share an embarrassing story about you:

11. That moment of victory!

12. When I see a friend vs When I see my BFF

13. This happens every time you hang out with your BFF.

14. This is true on so many levels:

15. Your secret is safe with me (and my best friend).

16. Only your BFF knows how to cheer you up.

What are the best memories you’ve ever shared with your best friend? Share with us in the comments below.

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