16 People Who Got More Than They Asked for and Loved It

Ordering a meal at a restaurant and receiving a dish so much bigger than we could ever have imagined can be a pleasant turn of events. Getting more than we expected can hugely brighten our day, whether it’s discovering an old relic in your backyard or actually winning that competition you entered. These people prove that your luck can be just around the corner and all you have to do is wait.

Because at Bright Side we aim to celebrate the joy of others and share it with the world. So, we are sharing these photos with you to inspire you.

1. “Ordered my first ever dosa — was not expecting it to be as big as my arm!”

2. These 2 burgers are like nothing else.

3. “These carrots I just picked from my garden.”

4. A humungous blueberry someone found.

5. “My sister found a mini starfish in her mussels.”

6. “My mom was gardening at my grandparents’ house when she found this 2.5 dollar gold coin from 1852, and she turned it back into the necklace it was made for.”

7. These 2 brides who got married on the same day and took a photo together.

8. “Our house still has its original milk door.”

9. “When you manage to thrift the most adorable koala onesie...$1.”

10. “Bit into a wonderful surprise today and learned about the delicious Lucy Glo apple! The best apple I have ever had.”

11. “Tiny hard shell egg inside a regular egg.”

12. “Just won a tablet in a contest! I’ve never won anything that expensive.”

13. “Get it right people!”

14. “Opened this mail and it looks like an ad for The Shining.”

15. “Encountered a ’moonbow’ whilst hiking in Scotland. Didn’t even know they existed!”

16. “My local grocery has Halloween pizzas.”

What is the most impressive thing you have won? When were you lucky enough to get more than you asked for?

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