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16 People Who Love Their Job and Co-Workers So Much, They Can’t Help but Show It

There are many reasons why you might love your job, one of them being your wonderful co-workers. You may also be working for a company whose values line up with yours, and your boss cares deeply about you. All these things, along with the fact that you simply love your job, can create a very fun working atmosphere on a daily basis. And that’s how you end up entertaining both yourself and those around you.

Bright Side would like to congratulate these people who enjoy their jobs so much that they make our lives a bit better.

1. “My friend, who is a gardener, sends me photos of himself at work.”

2. “All of my co-workers agreed to dress up as smurfs for Halloween. I’m the only one to go through with it.”

3. “My local independent coffee shop uses a Starbucks mug for its toilet brush holder.”

4. “I ain’t scared of no ghost.”

5. “A towel animal left by the hotel staff”

6. “It’s been a running joke in the office to add accessories to my co-worker’s Superman.”

7. “Missed my ’cake day’ because I was away on my honeymoon. This was waiting for me at work when I got back.”

8. “A co-worker brought homemade ’cheesecake’ to the office today.”

9. “My co-worker bought googly eyes and is putting them everywhere.”

10. “My brother has decided to become a mortician; his co-workers baked him a cake as a farewell.”

11. “These are my bosses. I love my job.”

12. “Someone brought this to the office potluck.”

13. “I asked the guy for ’as much fire sauce as you can give me without losing your job.’ Turns out that’s 243 packets.”

14. “Our co-worker said we’ve been slipping on our pranks. Can’t wait till he finds out 2 are filled with glitter.”

15. “2 co-workers and I realized we were wearing the same coat. We zipped them into one 3-person coat.”

16. “Hopefully my co-worker won’t kill me.”

Do you go to work every day thinking of how much you love what you do, or do you have your sad days as well? We would love to hear about your funny work stories.

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