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16 People Who Radiate Next to Their Thrifted Purchases

One main characteristic of today’s modern products is that many of them look alike, and thousands of people can have the same things as you. And since people like to feel unique, turning to vintage items helps them get a hold of something few people around them will have. Not only that, but thrifting is also a great way to step away from mass-produced items and look for one-of-a-kind pieces.

1. “The ’50s style dress I made for my final homecoming”

2. “My mum bought a load of yarn from a thrifters and made this for me! It’s so good.”

3. “My Marilyn Monroe-inspired look for junior prom”

4. “This lovely vintage pendant was just passed down to me from my grandmother.”

“It’s rose quartz and amethyst and has a secret compartment.”

5. “Wore an INCREDIBLE gown from the ’60s last night.”

6. “A 1970s RMIC hand chair”

7. “Used a vintage Gunne Sax for my Halloween look this year.”

8. “Found, quite literally, my white whale (planter) on the curb.”

9. “Vintage home entertainment”

10. “A vintage wedding dress that was donated to my parents’ thrift store”

11. “I’m so stoked about this $1.29 find.”

12. “Found at Goodwill for $10! I’m not sure what to wear it for but it fits perfectly.”

13. “Cookie jar and a music box.”

14. “A Sergio Bustamante toucan — the thrift knew what they had but also supports a women’s shelter, so everyone wins.”

15. “This old lady was selling her painted baby dolls at the flea market and nobody had bought any, it was $20 but I couldn’t find it in me to haggle her down.”

16. “Still excited about this one! It’s an antique optometrist sign.”

Have you ever stumbled upon treasure while shopping at a thrift store? What was the item, and how little did it cost you?

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