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16 Times Products Looked So Odd, They Left Buyers Perplexed

It often seems to us that manufacturers try to make their products as convenient as possible, and it relates both to the package and its design. Still, people occasionally come across funny, curious situations that they instantly capture and even share on the Internet.

We at Bright Side know how important is it to share your observations and complaints, and that’s why we are showing these pics to you too.

“This is not a water bottle. I almost made a huge mistake at school today.”

This expiration date is printed in black on a dark surface.

“Just had to throw out my entire dinner and buy take-out because this salt grinder has a screw-on lid with only a single thread.”

Juice that looks like detergent

It seems it was done to scare perfectionists...

Why pack 1 carrot?

Why do they always put stickers on cooking items?

Why pack something that can be sold as is?

Why create more plastic by selling these tiny bottles of lemon juice?

“Bought single-ply toilet paper. Yes, that ’quilting’ is a printed pattern, it’s not perforated.”

Another type of infuriating packaging

The sweets could be bigger if not for the holes in the package.

“We can’t even see the sand running through the hourglass...”

“Let’s put the instructions on the same side of the perforated pull tab!”

“Why must you break my heart?”

They promised strawberry cream inside!

Tell us about the most memorable times you got upset by the design of a package.

Preview photo credit JorganPubshire / Reddit
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