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18 Brilliant Designs That Made Us Shout “We Buy It!”

Consumers can’t help but judge a product by its cover. That’s why brands must think outside the box — or better yet, change the box — to create eye-catching labels and designs for their goods.

Bright Side rounded up 18 photos of commodities that stood out on the shelves because of their clever marketing.

1. Abs-olutely brilliant

2. “A packet of olive oil shaped like an olive.”

3. “The shampoo bottle has hair so kids can practice.”

4. “The cheese and the packaging could not have lined up any better!”

5. An honest label that also tells you how much product is in the bottle.

6. Cool diaper boxes that turn into a treasure chest and a rocket.

7. “This glacial water bottle.”

8. “The barcode for this pasta product.”

9. Apparently, creative bar codes are really a thing.

10. “This dog DNA test kit has a logo that looks both like a dog, and the center of a structural formula that codes genomes.”

11. “The way these images line up even with different products.”

12. “Air cushions made out of paper. This is better than producing bags made out of thin plastic.”

13. “This bag of jerky with flosser included. It came in handy!”

14. What a “fun-tache-tic” idea.

15. “My local supermarket puts stickers on mangoes to make them look like birds.”

16. “Found in a clothing store dressing room.”

17. “My mom is finishing a puzzle of the world that has curved pieces.”

18. “The ‘color indicator’ on this tube of lipstick is actually just more lipstick.”

Which of these products would you add to your cart? Have you come across other items that had ingenious packaging as well?

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit CadenXC / Reddit, lizagna39 / Reddit
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