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17 Finds That Pleasantly Shocked Their Owners

It’s always nice to find something precious or a treasure from the past. The adventurers and treasure hunters inside of us immediately wake up. So internet users shared their findings, and they once again proved that things dear to the heart can be found anywhere.

We at Bright Side have found all sorts of nice little things and treasures in different places. So we know about the variety of feelings that can be experienced in these moments, like the ones that happened to the people from our compilation.

“I found my mother’s old recipe book which is full of hilarious pictures. Behold the wonder of sausage salad!”

“I found a purse with ancient coins. The purse was hidden in the roots of a tree.”

“I found this photo of my parents when I was cleaning out the hall closet. My mom said this was around 1982-1983.”

“I found a 255-year-old document in the wall of a house I am renovating.”

“I found my great-grandfather’s whistle he used in the trenches of World War I.”

“Found this incredible Monsterra on the road. My dog loves it more than I do.”

“I found this American coin far away from its home country, in a quiet field while metal detecting in Scotland.”

Variety of colors

“I came across these weird stairs on a hiking trail.”

“I found an old Dell ‘Pocket PC’ in my parents’ basement.”

“Today, my roommate found an original Star Wars VHS at a thrift store.”

“My friend works in a recycling center. He found a planner from 1941.”

“I just opened a book I bought at a secondhand store and found this.”

This part of the tree stump looks like a wooden miniature metropolis.

“My old man and me at the same age, 35 years apart — him in 1953 and me in 1988. People always said we looked alike, but I never thought about it until I found this old picture of him.”

“I found 83 gold coins at the bottom of a coal container after renovating a house.”

“I recently moved and just found a box with a bunch of collectibles and books.”

What was the most memorable thing you’ve ever found?

Preview photo credit Aloneanddogless / reddit