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17 Ordinary Things That Are Suddenly Not-So-Ordinary Anymore

It takes 13 milliseconds for humans to see an image. Yet, sometimes our brain wants to really savor the moment and stop for a few milliseconds more, observing the sight in front of it. That’s probably what happened to these 17 people who witnessed things that happen once in a blue moon.

Bright Side found evidence of true miracles that have nothing to do with magic.

1. “My 2-headed albino snake”

2. “My aunt’s cat has thumbs. Like little mittens.”

3. “18 months ago I broke my finger and now when the weather gets cold it turns white.”

4. “I found a bottle opener at the bottom of my sandal.”

5. “This spider has mold on its joints.”

6. “The coolest moth I’ve ever seen”

7. “This rock looks like a ship.”

8. “A cottonmouth spotted in South Georgia. It hasn’t skipped a single gravy covered biscuit since the day it hatched.”

9. “One of our barn kittens has both stripes and spots.”

10. “My tomato is ripening in stages.”

11. “My right pinky finger has only one crease.”

12. “A Rusty Predator stalking the garden center”

13. “This extra-long banana (bananas for scale)”

14. “My son has ’Uncombable Hair Syndrome.’ It makes his hair super soft, white, and flyaway, and it looks like fiberglass.”

15. “This century plant suddenly bloomed and it looks like an alien cactus tree.”

16. “This sausage looks like a finger.”

17. “Owls actually have long legs.”

How often do you see something resembling the pics above? What has recently shifted your perspective of something?

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