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17 People Who Don’t Waste a Second to Snap a Cool Photo

A good photo is sometimes just a matter of speed, but sometimes it’s simply looking curiously at what is right in front of you. A cute little critter that looks like Baby Yoda or a strawberry with flower petals still attached can have the power to cheer you right up.

You don’t have to go far because here at Bright Side, we’re bringing you a bunch of pictures taken at the perfect time, so just relax and enjoy the ride.

1. “There’s an apple inside of my apple.”

2. This rock formation looks like a blobfish face.

3. Just taking the sun down for maintenance...

4. You’ll never touch it if you’ve seen The Mask.

5. The incredible phenomenon of what appears to be blue lava erupting from an active volcano in Indonesia

6. “This shell I found that looks just like a delicious coconut”

7. This cute little critter kind of looks like Baby Yoda.

8. “I found a strawberry with the flower petals still attached.”

9. Life-sized dinosaurs made of sticks in the middle of the woods

10. The exact moment that both towers were struck by lightning simultaneously along with a full rainbow

11. “A pigeon flew into the house as my sister’s friend was doing yoga.”

12. Found the end of the rainbow — and there’s no gold to be found.

13. A lizard attacking LEGO city

14. This leaf lost all its lamina but kept all of its veins.

15. “This red-only rainbow I saw at midnight in Finland”

16. A sunbathing lizard getting kissed by a butterfly

17. “The wasp I captured right in front of my eye gives me a golden eye.”

Which of these do you think takes the award for “Best Photographer?” Check your gallery and share the pictures you’re most proud of with us.

Preview photo credit Doge897 / reddit