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17 People Whose Tattoos Could Tell Their Entire Story Without Any Words

Recent statistics show that over 36% of the world’s population has tattoos, and this percentage will probably keep increasing. But about 72% of those who have tattoos get them in areas that are easily hidden by clothes. This means that while people love tattoos, they are not widely accepted just yet. However, we are not here to talk about that. Instead, we would like to look at and admire 17 wonderful tattoos that hold deep meaning.

1. A surgery scar turned into art.

2. “A zipper tattoo covers my open heart surgery scar.”

3. “Ants coming from a scar”

4. A fish was the best design in this case.

5. “My Steve Irwin tribute”

6. “My boyfriend of 10 years unexpectedly passed away. That’s his handwriting from an anniversary card he gave me, and the welder is his business logo.”

7. “Decided to get a tattoo to help hide my back scar. No regrets to be had.”

8. “Rework of an old tattoo”

9. “My brother passed away and he had ’honor your truth’ tattooed across his chest. This is my memorial tattoo for him.”

10. “A tribute piece in honor of my little sister who passed away”

11. “A tribute to a friend who died in a car crash and was on his way to a brilliant racing career”

12. “I got my doggo named after Chewbacca on my arm.”

13. “Got this to cover up a scar.”

14. “Dedicated to my cat, Maggie, who died 19 years young”

15. “A simple tat on an old scar”

16. “A tribute to my beautiful dog”

17. “My childhood stuffed animal has gone everywhere with me since I was 3. Now, no matter what, I’ll have my little buddy with me forever.”

Do you have any tattoos? If so, do they represent anything special for you or your loved ones?

Preview photo credit uhaara123 / Imgur, pshopper / Reddit
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