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17 “Tasty” Things That Are Not What They Seem

Pizza, spaghetti, cheese, roast beef, pudding, cakes, and candies — who can resist these delicacies? Just looking at their images is enough to awaken the most genuine appetite inside of us. However, there are times when appearances are deceiving, and some objects that are not at all edible simply look yummy. Reddit users found out that there are many of these and created a channel to post their pics.

And in Bright Side, we decided to browse through the channel (not without difficulties, because we had to take a snack-break every 5 minutes) and compile some of the tastiest-looking non-edible objects that people posted out there. Hope you’re not too hungry after reading this!

1. This rock looks like an irresistible raspberry cheesecake.

2. “Caught our Japanese exchange student about to drink this because it says ’soda’ and has fruit on the label.”

3. “I make pins that look like gummy bears and chocolate bars!”

4. “Resistor Pizza”

5. “I found a rock that looks like a piece of pie.”

6. The forbidden popsicle

7. Fried chicken or calcite?

8. A delicious tomato soup. Spoiler alert: it’s actually wax.

9. “Was making my homemade laundry detergent and I had to stop myself from grabbing a pinch, like when I normally shred cheese.”

10. “Mmmm cedar slices”

11. “My shoe melted in my room in the summer heat and now it looks like caramel.”

12. “Had to stop my wife from drinking this orange juice.”

13. “Remember when you had a nice chocolate pudding snack pack for lunch in elementary school?”

14. Found ham, but doesn’t seem to be stored in the right place...

15. “I found a rock that looks like bread with a bite taken out of it.”

16. These could easily be found in a box of fancy chocolates.

17. “I was making a candle and it fell apart before it got solid inside.”

Do you have an object that looks like a tasty dish that you normally eat? Have you found something like this anywhere?