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17 Times When Designers’ Crazy Ideas Spoiled Ordinary People’s Mood


We are used to having things around us in a certain order: the sky is blue, the grass is green, the shower and the toilet are located in special rooms. But interior designers don’t think like the rest of us and this feature sometimes turns things upside down. That’s when weird things happen, like a shower that suddenly appears on the balcony, or a bathtub in the kitchen.

Bright Side found the opinions of people who know well what a non-typical interior is all about. And frankly speaking, not everyone was delighted about it. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that will show you what happens when the desire to make something unusual overweighs common sense.

“We went to Thailand and rented a villa with a surprise: the toilet and the shower were on the balcony.”

“I was living in an apartment with a socket located between the shelves of a kitchen drawer that couldn’t be moved, even a bit (it was firmly fixed). ”

Abuja, a bathroom in Aldo’s restaurant that is only for true friends.

A hostel in Budapest, Hungary

Seems this balcony is occupied by vampires.

“We rented an apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was good, apart from the toilet that was located beside a rock that was separated from the room by closet doors.”

“I had been living here for 10 years. In the morning, I could both cook breakfast and take a shower all at the same time.”

-“These are the stairs at our hotel.”
-“Never use these stairs at night.”

In case you want to adopt a pet, but the landlord won’t allow you to:

A room with all the necessary facilities in a side-road hotel

Why the heck would they make such a skinny door?!

— “My bathroom window.”
— “Do you live in a microwave?”

“There is a shower in my cabin’s bedroom.”

“The apartment that I am renting has a gap in the wall that leads to the bedroom.”

“All these grand window curtains are there for this tiny window.”

“The ‘Pants House’ that’s always for sale in my neighborhood. Every room has more pants.”

-The way they redid the stairs because of the new entrance to the roof café.
— The architect in my family finds this hysterical.

Bonus: S-safety

“Management chose this super secure door for my apartment complex’s expensive renovations.”

Have you or your friends ever encountered any crazy designs like these? Please do share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit archi_shark / twitter