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17 Vivid Comparisons That Show How Things Change Better Than Words

“Everything is relative” is a simple truth that is hard to disagree with. People often fail to notice how they change with the things around them, but photos help us see these changes.

We at Bright Side love watching the world change, and very often, direct comparisons are more vivid than words.

“Left — me before pregnancy, right — after 3 years of motherhood”

“I always assumed these old pants were made as a light color of denim. The rear tag broke off in the wash and revealed the original color.”

Ostrich egg and chicken egg.

Old brush and new brush.

61 years apart. They are still in love.

The cap faded on the outside and retained its color on the inside.

“Before and after 749 days of wearing braces. I did it!”

“Just took my dog to a groomer. Came with a monster, left with a beauty.”

“My very loved childhood bear vs An unloved bear”

When you clean your shoes and when you don’t

Just 2.5 months apart

“My photo in high school and what I look like today, 56 years later.”

2 office doors. You can clearly tell which one is used more often.

“The average size of a strawberry grown in my garden vs One from the store”

“My 10-year-old belt vs A new one”

“Neighbor’s lawn vs My mom’s lawn”

“4-year-old work boots vs My new ones”

What things or phenomena seemed unnoticeable to you until you looked at before and after photos?

Preview photo credit Lanky-Procedure-4312 / Reddit
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