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18 “Before and After” Pictures That Made Us Believe Drastic Changes Are Possible

Nowadays, it is hard to impress people with a change in your appearance. Anyone could choose to change their look beyond recognition just by changing their hair color and getting a completely unusual haircut. But sometimes, the before and after difference is so significant that people even take photos and post them on the internet. And the comments only prove that haircuts, workouts, time, and a lot of care can change anyone.

We at Bright Side want to show you some impressive transformations, that are really hard to believe.

“Took my dog to a groomer. Got a different dog back.”

“16 vs 33. I used to have a mustache.”

“312 lbs to 180 lbs — 1 year, 4 months”

“I rescued a cat off the street. These photos are before and after with one month difference.”

“Shoe that’s on the longboard vs Shoe that does all the pushing”

“I am 31 days in on my journey to my goal and I’m not going to stop.”

“Yes, the first one was done by a professional shop. I have finally had it covered up.”

Brothers,10 years apart. “Now he’s about to be taller than me.”

“Same boot, 3 years later”

“Got my new ID badge today. When I put it next to the one I got when I started in November 2017, I almost cried. I’ve lost 83 lbs.”

“Age 12 vs 29 (now)”

When you want a new Star Wars sleeve:

From 326 lbs to 162 lbs

“This kid, Adam, came to a convention several years ago... This is him now. I can tell I’m getting older, because it’s getting harder to pick him up.”

8 years apart

House vs Home

“Visual change in my dad because of Vietnam”

“My Apollo when I found him vs A few months later after love, attention, and food”

Do you have any photos that show changes that are hard to believe?

Preview photo credit Pacman327 / Reddit
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