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16 Photos That Take Us on a Trip Down Memory Lane

Nostalgia promotes optimism, inspiration, and creativity. It can even raise our self-esteem, according to a study. So sometimes it’s important to break away from modern reality and plunge into the world of a pleasant and nostalgic past.

1. We had swings made from tires and they were also a great place to relax.

2. Remember what would happen if you pulled the chewing gum? Electric shock!

3. Even back then, we had wireless mice. But a special device was needed to connect them.

4. Every weekday, this yellow bus drove us to school.

5. We didn’t have computer games, but we had something even better.

6. We hung these skeletons on backpacks, and our parents hung them on the rear-view mirror of their car.

7. Every boy dreamed of having this ball.

8. The person who knew how to do tricks with a yo-yo attracted the attention of everyone.

9. It was the best anti-theft device in the world — you just had to be sure not to lose the key.

10. We very rarely sharpened pencils with drawings, so we wouldn’t destroy them.

11. We collected music CDs for many years.

12. At that time, fast food seemed to be something special and unique.

13. When doing their hair, girls tried to use hair clips in every color.

14. Only 1.4 MB of information fit on a floppy disk.

15. Kevin McCallister had the same Talkboy.

16. McDonald’s had a completely different design.


Please share your strongest memories of your favorite things from your childhood.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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