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18 Times Universe Decided to Shower People With Little Stunts

There are almost 8 billion people in the world, so the chances of coming across your look-alike are close to zero. But the luckiest and the most attentive people were able to notice events that made us exclaim “What were the odds!” From confusing perspectives to looking like a celebrity, life will never run out of ways to surprise us.

We at Bright Side found 18 photos that are a complete bolt from the blue.

1. “I took a photo of me and a friend said I looked like Keanu. I scoffed, and she sent me this.”

2. “Boyfriend (30) and me (27) from when we were both 4.”

3. Looks like this cat had a secret life.

4. “Bought some glasses for an easy costume — now wondering if my mum ever met Steve Jobs in 1996.”

5. How many times have you seen sleeping man-dog before?

6." A student said I looked like Miss Frizzle today. I teach science."

7. “I was strolling down the street when I spotted myself at the bus stop.”

8. “My mom went to prom with an Ashton Kutcher look alike in 1987.”

9. “My friend met himself at the beach.”

10. “My girlfriend and I accidentally got each other the same present.”

11. “You’ve been to this house already.”

12. “Daughter was cold after karate class = accidental jedi.”

13. “My dad and I accidentally matched. A lot.”

14. “My chicken breast fit perfectly with the birds on my plate.”

15. “The cords on the set of That ’70s Show lined up perfectly with the cords coming out of my TV...”

16. “So apparently I looked like Elton John as a kid.”

17. “Eye twins!”

18. The Rock and his look-alike. We had to look twice to make sure it isn’t the same person.

What was the most unlikely event that you have witnessed? If one day you would meet your doppelganger, what kind of life do you think they would have?

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