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19 People Proved That Creativity Leaves No Room for Boredom

Whether it’s pranking your new co-worker, designing an unusual statue, or coming up with a tattoo idea, creativity and ingenuity are valuable skills to have. Thinking outside the box and coming up with amusing ideas are also great ways to fight boredom in your life.

We at Bright Side love to fight dullness with imagination, so we made a list of 19 people whose creativity has reached new peaks.

1. “The new girl starts Monday. I made sure her desk is ready.”

2. “Found this in a food court. Not in front of a store or something, just kinda...there.”

3. “My Chinese tattoo is also a Japanese tattoo and they both translate to the same thing: ’soy sauce.’”

4. “For the inflatable shoe enthusiasts out there”

5. “Happy birthday, hun!”

6. “A birdhouse that is a miniature version of this actual house”

7. “Found at my local animal shelter”

8. “I made a candle out of the wax coating from a Babybel cheese.”

9. “My client asked to make this rug with her rats on it.”

10. “The hotel I’m staying at has a Lego wall.”

11. “This Swiss mineral water from the Alps has a mountain inside it.”

12. “A cat statue painted to match my cat”

13. “This bush, trimmed to look like a man”

14. “This statue goes through the building.”

15. “This morning’s plate of breakfast food, all made from different types of stone”

16. “2D café in Öland, Sweden”

17. “A bin with legs”

18. “The door handle is John Lennon’s glasses.”

19. “Wonderful paintbrush packaging”

What’s the most creative design you’ve ever seen? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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