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19 People Who Discovered Traces of a Distant Past Hiding in Today’s World

Nowadays we are used to seeing new objects, and innovation in general, pretty much everywhere. However, this wasn’t always the case. In the past, things also changed more slowly. And sometimes, some of these products or objects from the past get buried somewhere, whether that is our house or somewhere in our city. They stay there, intact, like in a time capsule, and when we discover them, we are surprised at how much the world has changed since they were forgotten there.

Bright Side would like you to see the curious things from the past that some people found on an ordinary day.

1. “A customer used a 37-year-old Crisco coupon today.”

2. “Found my old, still working, MP3 player with more than 3,000 songs on it from my late teenage years.”

3. “Found an old pack of Hubba Bubba in a coat I wore when I was a child.”

4. “A 300-year-old brick with a paw print in it”

5. “Found a sort of retro break room in an old fabric plant. Almost looks like a TV set with a portion of the wall missing.”

6. “Pulled up the carpet in my bedroom today to find this 47-year-old message left by a previous resident.”

“Tim wrote this on the 9th of May 1974”

7. “A road on my work commute is eroding and starting to expose the old cobblestone street in London.”

8. “Found old Play-Doh where the salt crystalized.”

9. The walls in this old coffeehouse have stains where people used to sit.

10. “This penny is over 100 years old now.”

11. “This old machine has a ‘Don’t Care’ button.”

12. “Found this old packaging that advertises plastic as a new idea.”

“Newest idea! Unbreakable — easy cleaning: PLASTIC”

13. “My house is really old and we still have the original skeleton keys from over 100 years ago.”

14. “Found old 5.25” and 8.5″ floppy discs in with my mom’s stuff."

15. “Found old-looking tweezers”

16. “While renovating our studio we found old walled-in mailboxes.”

17. “My brother found this old Pepsi can in the wall at work, it’s from 1971.”

18. “A little girl’s 89-year-old footprint in my driveway”

Gale Hartman 12 — 5 — 31

19. “My dad found a more or less 20-year-old banana in his coat pocket.”

What “antiques” have you come across in your home or an acquaintance’s home?

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