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19 Photos That Prove the Human Body Is a Wonderland Indeed

The one definite thing about the human body is that it’s full of mysteries and variables that medical science cannot explain. For example, both Catherine O’Hara and Enrique Iglesias have situs inversus, where all of their organs are on the other side of the body than the norm. Each of our bodies may house something rare, without us even noticing it, even if it’s not as dramatic as the examples below.

Bright Side came across some people with rarities in their bodies, and lucky for us, they also managed to take some pictures to prove it.

1. “I can make a ’square’ with my fingers.”

2. “This shape I can make with my tongue”

3. “None of my fingers have a middle joint.”

4. “I was born with a leg defect that makes my knee face inward on the sides of my legs.”

5. “I have a tear drop-shaped birthmark perfectly placed under my right eye.”

6. “The artificial disks in my spine look like a black hole in this MRI.”

7. “I’m the guy with 4 fingers on his right hand!”

8. “My iris is misshapen, but I have no known eye problems after 25 years!”

9. “I was born with 6 fingers on my left hand. The old fingernail still grows as a tiny claw out the side.”

10. “I have a sort of a second ankle. The doctor said he’d never seen this before.”

11. “Born without a pupil in my left eye”

12. “This patch of hair that grows with no color pigment, lately I’ve thought it’s actually kind of cool.”

13. “My ring finger has several ’joints’.”

14. “My son was born with natural elf ears.”

15. “I’m double jointed in both my shoulder blades. I look like a booster seat.”

16. “Hormones made my eyes look twice as big.”

17. “I can lick PAST my elbow.”

18. “My geographic tongue. One of 3% of the population.”

19. “I was born with a hole at the top of my ear that used to ‘cry’ when I cried as a baby.”

Do you, or anybody you know, have any unique features in your bodies? What makes it memorable to you?

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