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19 Shameless Times Social Media Lied to Us

When browsing on Instagram, it seems like every guy has a 6 pack and every girl has an hourglass figure. Well, if you’re going hard at the gym trying to become like those people online, maybe you should stop immediately since their perfect physique may very well be fake or extremely altered.

Bright Side collected 19 photos revealing some of the worst and funniest lies the internet has been feeding us with and they’ll make you laugh really hard.

1. Level of desperation: uncalculated

2. Who doesn’t sweat when exercising?

3. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

4. Couldn’t you at least find an imaginary person?

5. Never judge something before seeing the whole picture.

6. Did he just invent the invisible pen?

7. Having a girlfriend is hard work.

8. Nick Boyer must be offended and pleased at the same time for the free promotion.

9. This trick will only work on those sitting behind you.

10. How the Great Wall of China is presented on Instagram vs what you really come across when you visit it.

11. You sold yourself too short.

12. “At least the watch on her arm is real. I mean, I guess.”

13. Chilling at her house near the lake

14. We hope “bae” is okay with her borrowing his car.

15. Posing on Instagram requires special breathing exercises.

16. How people see the Mona Lisa on Instagram vs how guests “enjoy” it at the Louvre

17. The Copacabana is not as roomy and relaxing as you may have thought.

18. When a well-behaved dog “rips” the pillow using the zipper:

19. It’s traveling, not a Victoria Secret photo shoot.

Have you ever caught anyone lying on social media or have you ever lied about a certain event in your life? Please share your experiences with us down in the comment section.

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