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19 Times People Got an Oddly Satisfying Result Without Even Trying

Boxes or books that fit into a space you thought was too small, sorting clothes according to a color pattern, and finishing a painting that looks exactly like the picture that inspired it, are a just few examples of what perfection is. Or at least, of what perfection feels like, especially when you find it without even looking for it. Users shared pictures of these unique moments so that anyone could relate to them.

So here, at Bright Side, we made a compilation of those amazing moments of when you realize something turned out to be perfect and you didn’t even try to get it right!

1. When you think it won’t fit, but it actually fits like a glove:

2. “Putting the groceries away and what do I see...”

3. When the mint drawer is more organized than my brain:

4. This scoop of peanut butter, tho

5. I’ve tried keeping a screw like that with no success... This one just stayed like that!

6. “My fiance dropped his gloves and when I went to pick them up...”

7. “These chips are perfectly stacked.”

8. “The way my encyclopedias fit perfectly into this box”

9. “I arranged my fabric by color and re-folded it all to fit perfectly within each cube”

10. “Grace blends in perfectly with her bed.”

11. “The first time I actually saw a fully formed spider web in person”

12. “The girl’s dress in the background looks exactly like the hat I’m wearing!”

13. “Keeping my mind occupied”

14. Work: “You’re still coming in though, right?”

15. Practice makes perfect

16. “Whoever organized these chips deserves an award.”

17. So organized!

18. “Stay at home day???: Organized all the crayons in the house.”

19. “Organized my spray paint into an easy to find color wheel.”

What things do you like having perfectly arranged at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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