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19 Unexpected Finds in Houses That Came as Big Surprises for the Owners

Some houses are full of surprises. You might live there your entire life and then it surprises you with something. And when you move somewhere, it’s a big adventure. Sometimes, new owners are in for a discovery even Columbus wouldn’t dream of.

We at Bright Side looked at these photos and found out that houses will always find something to surprise us with.

1. “A strange mural found after removing the paint in my aunt’s new house.”

2. “I found the Fibonacci Sequence under carpet tiles at work.”

3. “We wanted to cover the floor with laminate. When we removed the carpeting, we found a massive hole and maple parquet floor from the beginning of the 20th century.”

“After 3 days of restoration, we had this.”

4. “My sis moved into a new house today, found this safe in the floor and can’t open it. Yet.”

5. “These pocket doors were hidden behind drywall. They separate a parlor and a dining room.”

6. “We are currently tearing down my cottage and found this wasp nest in the bedroom wall. I’ve been peacefully living out a horror movie all these years.”

7. “Yep, we found a Minton and Hollis floor under vinyl tiles and leveling compound. It took us 12 months to scrape it all off. Worth every hour of work.”

“This floor looks way better”

8. “I found a skeleton key to a long-locked basement door in my old house and discovered a ‘root cellar’ that resembles a tiny torture dungeon.”

“It includes an inside doorknob inexplicably painted blood red. Looking forward to meeting the ghost I unleashed.”

9. “Vintage wallpaper found under the paint in my daughter’s room!”

10. “This spider’s web.”

11. “I’ve got an elevator at home!”

12. “Not so much hidden, but a charming munchkin door into an eaves space covered with 80’s rock star posters.”

13. “I just got my new apartment and entering into the toilet I found this! Will I be taking my bath with the fan on or off?”

14. “I found this dollhouse tucked into in a corner of my boyfriend’s mother’s basement, and like there’s no way this thing isn’t haunted, right?”

15. “Had a Praying Mantis nest hatch by my front door!”

16. “Found an unopened PS1 in my grandfather’s attic!”

17. “Just found an extra bedroom in the house I moved in to.”

18. “My dad has found this under the carpet in a house he’s doing up, it’s a 1930s linoleum rug, in very good condition.”

19. “Funny find in my 1870s stone house. We always thought a large bulge in the corner was a piece of the unfinished stone. Removed it today and it turned out to be a hole stuffed with corn cobs.”

Have you ever found any surprises in your homes? Tell us about them!

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