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20 Abandoned Places That Can Touch Your Heart or Break It Into Pieces

There’s a special story behind every deserted place in the world. Crumbling, rotting, or even completely overpowered by nature, these places can easily give you goosebumps. That shattered glass, the peeling paint, those moldy walls, and the long-forgotten toys... there is something about these places that makes us tremble when we see them, even if it’s only in a photo.

Bright Side found the most interesting places that internet users discovered and shared with everyone.

1. “An Elmo toy that I found while hiking in Georgia”

2. “Rusty old Ford in the woods”

3. It belonged to a young man who got called away to war.
He never returned.

4. “Found this beautiful tree growing inside a silo while I was exploring.”

5. Rusted space shuttles in Baikonur

6. Deserted ’50s diner

7. “Years’ worth of newspapers were stacked high in an abandoned house.”

8. “Kool-Aid packets from the 1980s were found in the kitchen of an old house.”

9. An old tattered wedding dress that was forgotten in a house

10. An amazing find... so many memories

11. “The house I grew up in. Long since abandoned.”

12. “Found this children’s kitchen set sitting in the back of an abandoned Ontario home...”

13. Abandoned amusement park in Nara, Japan

14. Abandoned Chinese fishing village

15. “Stairwell in an abandoned button factory”

16. “An abandoned mall near me, in Ohio”

17. This abandoned house has an old dollhouse inside.

18. Bats coming out of an old building

19. Forgotten homestead in South Dakota

20. An old bunkhouse in Wasilla, Alaska

Have you seen an abandoned place that left you stunned? Do you have an image that you can share with all of us?

Preview photo credit CosmicWhitey / reddit
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