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20 Cases of When People Made the Most Out of Their Favorite Belongings

Many of us have things that seem to be 100 years old, but are still your favorites. The characters of our compilation found some of these things and they decided not only to remember what they looked like when they were new, but also to see how much time has changed them.

Bright Side will show you the photos that prove time unnoticeably changes everything it touches. Make sure to read the article through to the end because there is a bonus waiting for you there.

“Wedding band after 33 years of marriage. Mine on the bottom. My wife’s, never worn after the first year because it didn’t fit.”

“The saddle of my bike that I rode 31,000 miles on. It’s extremely comfortable and protects the bike from theft with its ugly look.”

“A Stanley thermos that I have been using every day for almost 50 years. Bought the same one for my friend.”

“I’m a painter in construction, these are my sneakers after a year of use.”

“We bought the scratching post on the left 14 years ago. Since then we have gotten married, had kids, gotten new cats, and we’re on our third home. That scratching post is the best!”

“My dad’s college hat that is 30 years old vs My future college hat”

“The umbrella on the left is 9 years old. Once, on my way home, it got caught in the front wheel of my bike. I hurt my leg, my wheel was broken, and the umbrella only had the tiniest cut in the cloth.”

“After 16 years... You can tell which handle was the preferred one to get to our plates/cereal bowls cabinet.”

“I finally got myself new rollers today.”

“The blade of my tree planting shovel after 5 years and hundreds of thousands of trees planted vs A brand new shovel”

“An 8-year-difference on my SO’s ring that her great aunt gave her and a brand new one she found recently.”

“My sister’s 26-year-old stuffed cat on the left looks like it got a little longer from all the hugging.”

“That’s what a newly bought scratchboard turned into after 5 months of murder mittens.”

“Came across these plates in a thrift shop. I imagine the owner kept eating their spaghetti dinners out of the left bowl only.”

“My grandfather’s belt (on the left) that he has been wearing for more than 20 years and the exact same belt my roommate found at a thrift store (right).”

“That’s what my dog’s favorite toy looked like one year ago.”

“This hatchet on the left is 45 years old. It was first used by my grandpa, and now it is used by my dad.”

“The owner told me it was his great-great-grandfather’s butcher block and it used to be about 6 inches taller.”

“My 10-year-old passport compared to my brand new one”

“My wife finally replaced the boots she has been wearing for 17 years. Same size and style.”

Bonus: “He is already 10 months old but he is still a kitten to me.”

We are sure that our readers also have things like this with backstories behind them. Please tell us about them and show them to us too.

Preview photo credit JMoney2106 / Reddit