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20+ People on the Street That Are Too Bright to Be Forgotten

The street is a place that has a unique atmosphere that’s created by the people themselves. The people can be quite different and sometimes their uniqueness makes other people remember them for a long time: superheroes, Megamind, an old lady from a cybersecurity service, the captain of a pirate ship easily overtaking cars, and many other funny characters.

Bright Side is sure that if you keep looking around and focus, you can easily make a photo collection of weird characters. For now we suggest that you enjoy watching this compilation we’ve made.

A backpack full of experiences and mistakes collected over many years of life looks like this:

It’s scary to think what else he might have in his backpack.

Cybergranny is a reliable protector for your neighborhood.

Spiderman seems to be puzzled about everything happening around him, just like us.

Tony Stark will never be the same again.

Nothing weird here — just a hitch-hiking bear.

The only situation where you can call the guys from the car in front of you ’Deer!’ and they won’t get offended.

The master of illusion is trying to pull one over on us.

It seems he urgently needed to charge his brain.

Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh are feeling sad on the Ferris wheel:

Chubby Spiderman has stolen Thanos’s glove and is trying to run away on his bike.

When you pass by a cafe and suddenly see these guys and start wondering whether you’re on another planet:

An ordinary flow of commuters on a Japanese street. Oh, wait...

“In Saint-Petersburg, on the Gulf of Finland there’s a boat in the water with a dome, a rubber boat, a BBQ, and a pirate flag. I don’t know who created this thing, but I truly envy them.”

When you are hurrying to save the world and the police suddenly stop you:

There you are, Megamind!

A good solution for cracked heels:

Who would care about getting a cold pizza if it’s delivered by Superman?

Nothing special, it’s just a huge dog in the metro during rush hour. And it’s standing up like all the other passengers.

A swamp man is taking a walk with his friend in the center of Saint-Petersburg.

I looked in the rearview mirror and my foot pressed the gas pedal by itself.

The weather changes so fast — this was the only solution:

When you’re driving in your car and a pirate ship swallows you:

Have you ever seen similar situations? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit ARGOchain / Pikabu
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