20 People Who Embody the Wonders of Genetics

Genetics don’t always care about the rules. And even when scientists calculate everything to the last digit, nature tends to have the final word and sometimes creates unique human masterpieces. Thanks to social media, we get to see those whose genes made the whole world admire them.

Here at Bright Side, we were amazed by the people with rare physical traits and they will surely captivate you as well — from extra flexibility to eternal youth, these people are almost like superheroes!

1. Complete heterochromia with white hair and a beard

2. They’re twins!

3. “My friend’s iris is split in half.”

4. “To the guys with 3 and 4 fingers, I have 5!”

5. This birthmark made this girl even more uniquely beautiful.

6. “My friends have opposite birthmarks.”

7. 4 identical, evenly spaced birthmarks on the eyeball

8. “My brother-in-law got a thumb from each parent.”

9. “A friend of mine can grab things backward.”

10. This baby girl was born with the same birthmark as her mother.

11. A whole Indian family with albinism!

12. “My dad’s index tip was cut off when he was 10 and my index is shorter than my pinky.”

13. My mom and her two twins — the true magic of genetics (my mom is on the left)!

14. A girl that was born without a nail

15. Embracing beautiful birthmarks: it’s what true beauty looks like!

16. This girl with poliosis looks like she’s a character from a superhero comic book!

17. A handsome young man with captivating vitiligo

18. These webbed toes look like they belong to a cute flying squirrel.

19. “I was born without a bridge in my nose.”

20. “A senior that graduated from my school was born with no nipples.”

The Indian albino family is our absolute favorite from the list! What is special about you? We’d be happy to see your stories and pictures in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit ChewyPickle / reddit
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