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20 People Who Have a Magical Appearance

Many people strive to meet regular beauty standards but they often forget that there are no boundaries to real beauty. Just look at these people!

Bright Side believes that beauty will save the world. And if you ever need a team of beauty-savvy superheroes, then you'd definitely want these guys!

Unbelievable eye color

Everyone is free to create their own image.

This is not a doll, it's a talented artist!

If Merida were real:

An albino model with a black model

Heredity at work

Even vitiligo can look beautiful!

She looks like she is from a different planet.

This is what happens when you have roots in Vietnam, Senegal, and France!

Not a flaw, but a feature

A beauty with innate eye moles

Albino people are very rare among the Eastern population.

It's as if there are two souls within him.

A model with unbelievably big eyes

Have you ever seen an elf with freckles?

This particular shape of eyes

It looks like she is from a different century.

True beauty doesn't have a nationality.

There is some wild beauty in her.

There's no such thing as too many beautiful features.

Have you ever seen people who are unconventionally beautiful? Are you one of them? Tell us about it in the comments!

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