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20 People Who Saw Something That Is Harder to Spot Than Finding a Million Bucks

Imagine opening a bag of chips and finding a whole potato in it or coming across a street where the colors of the buildings match the trees in front of them by pure coincidence. As rare as it sounds, some lucky people were able to spot these unusual occurrences and share them with the world.

Bright Side has chosen the most interesting ones for our readers and listed them below.

1. Found a drop of water sitting perfectly in a plant.

2. “The thorn that’s been traveling through my fingernail since July 18 completed its journey today.”

3. Snail “gourd” reporting for duty

4. I was playing a board game and just realized that the characters look like my mom and her sisters.

5. My soda bottle popped open in the freezer and this happened.

6. An owl flew into the window and then had a stare down with my cat.

7. Was burning a piece of Palo Santo and this little flame appeared to be floating.

8. “A poblano pepper is trying to escape from my mom’s garden.”

9. Sunset in progress looks like it’s going to rain fire.

10. “My bag of chips came with an entire potato.”

11. Came across a tree that looked like a dinosaur/dragon.

12. “My pasta clumped into the shape of a brain.”

13. “The moss growing in this bus stop gutter makes it look like a tiny ancient ruin on top of a hill.”

14. “By complete coincidence, the trees along this street matched the colors of the buildings.”

15. “Our chicken laid a 10 cm (4 inch) egg with another egg inside the egg.”

16. “Random pile of peppers inside an abandoned laundromat”

17. I found a cat with paws like a human hand.

18. Purple potatoes are real and they look like gemstones.

19. “My gfs grandfather looks like Leonardo Di Caprio.”

20. “A truck hauling a truck hauling a truck hauling a truck”

Have you ever spotted something that was totally bizarre? What was it?

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