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20+ People Whose Sense of Humor Keeps the World Spinning

The French writer, Marc Levy, thinks that every day should be lived with a pinch of irony. And many people are ready to make these words their personal motto — they order cakes that feature funny inscriptions for their colleagues and play jokes on those close to them.

The characters of this Bright Side compilation treat everything with humor and are happy to have a good laugh at themselves and others.

“My wife just went back to work and thinks I’m helpless when it comes to cooking and eating.”

“One of our servers slipped and got a concussion right after I mopped. Got word that she’s perfectly fine and returning to work tomorrow.”

“Had this cake made for her.”

“Homegrown carrot”

“My daughter when she said she wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween”

“My wife left her makeup bag alone on the counter, and I seized the opportunity.”

“Never Gonna Give You Up” is Rick Astley’s hit song. — A note from Bright Side

Heat Wave? No problem for this pooch. He has a kennel with AC.

“Took my older mom to Comic-Con. She said she saw a wall outlet cosplay. Curious, we went back and...”

Comic-Con is an entertainment and pop culture event dedicated to anime, comics, and fiction. The photo shows participants dressed as the characters from Spirited Away.

“A little late for Valentine’s Day, but I got this from my cat today.”

“My co-workers got me a cake for my last day on the job.”

“My sister took this photo of my nephew ’hiding’ from her before bedtime.”

“The duality of my wife’s hospitality”

“Sat next to these ladies who insisted our dog FaceTime with theirs.”

“Attempted to take a nice kitten photo — she’s already had enough of life.”

When the one who creates such tasks is a very sarcastic person:

Wait! This is the blue-collar Sorting Hat!

“This got me laughing.”

“My dentist has jokes.”

“I bought a vacuum sealer and have exactly 0 self-control.”

“My cousins have alopecia universalis and an excellent sense of humor.”

“A teacher’s note for us, summer school custodians”

“In a brief lapse in judgment, I asked what the difference between left and right tampons was.”

Letters on tampons signify their absorbing degree: “L” stands for “light,” “R” stands for “regular,” and “S” stands for “super.” — A note from Bright Side

What funny stories or photos do you have up your sleeve?

Preview photo credit yellowbythedozen / Reddit
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