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20 People Whose Shoes Have a Peculiar Story Behind Them

Objects can often become memories of strange, funny, or emotional anecdotes. So much so that a dress, a coat, or even shoes can remind us of special moments, giving these garments peculiar meaning.

Bright Side has a selection of stories featuring users for whom a pair of shoes is much more than what meets the eye.

1. “My friend loves 2 things: platform shoes and dice. She walked into my house wearing these beautiful shoes. She was super excited about them.”

2. “It’s a family shoe.”

3. “After 11 years in the same entry-level job, making what’s considered poverty wage for my area, I finally got a promotion! I can’t wait to throw these things out and buy a GOOD pair of shoes!”

4. “I was told at the skatepark that I was a spoiled brat for skating in skate shoes by a grown man.”

5. “My husband and I found a kind of matching set of shoes for $7.50 total! I’ve been looking for shoes like this for 6 years!”

6. “Found a pair of Galaxy vans at a thrift store a few years ago and was pretty sad when they fell apart. 2 days ago, I found the same shoes at a different thrift store! I’m so happy!!!!”

7. “Hole in your boot? No problem!”

8. “Snowboard boots arrived today, and they don’t match.”

9. “I think I won the designer shoe jackpot this morning.”

10. “These shoes aren’t mine. My dog managed to get out today and brought home this collection. Now I have to try to return them all to my neighbors. If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.”

11. “Moments after arriving at the office, my shoes decided to take the day off.”

12. “Got these gorgeous shoes that were originally like $100 for $15, brand new!”

13. “Second childhood, my dream shoe has been acquired! After 30 years, I finally have them. 7-year-old me is ecstatic.”

14. “My daughter showing me which shoes she packed me”

15. “I said, ’Hannah, come eat your food!’ And Hannah came in while eating the baby’s shoe...”

16. “My dog doesn’t bite people, just shoes.”

17. “Let’s all find our favorite shoe and dream away!”

18. “Showed my mom these and she said, ’I think Abuelo used to wear those!’ I love my grandpa’s shoes.”

19. “Today, my baby girl turns 4. I let her choose a new pair of Air Maxes to celebrate...then I matched her fly with the Gatorade 1s.”

20. “I have a thing for weird shoes. These are now mine for $9.”

What type of footwear do you prefer? Do you also have shoes that hide a funny story behind them?

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