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20+ Perfectly Timed Photos You’ll Wish You Had Taken Yourself

We’re all used to capturing staged photos, but being lucky enough to capture someone completely off guard is a real treat, like catching 3 cats yawning in a sequence or capturing them mid-sneeze.

We at Bright Side love such playfulness and have found the best moments for you to have a good laugh at. Go ahead and give them a peek.

1. “I took a picture and my cat sneezed. I don’t regret it.”

2. “My son using the Force”

3. “He watched the ball get bitten.”

4. “My cat Apollo is always poised for a royal photo, but tonight, I finally caught him off guard.”

5. “My friend’s scarf hitting him in the face just when I snapped the picture”

6. Taken just as the chair broke

7. “My 2 adopted kitties really like each other.”

8. “Tried to get a nice photo holding up my new kitten.”

9. “The crime and the criminal! Caught him flour-pawed.”

10. “My cat likes to sleep in a circle.”

11. “Finally caught the purr-patrator who’s been stealing my hair ties...”

12. “The way she folds her arms when she sleeps”

13. “Went to a petting zoo. My friend got stepped on by a pig. I couldn’t have planned these pictures better if I’d tried!”

14. Puppy cyclops

15. “Always thought this blanket was stupid until my girlfriend’s dog lay down on it in just the right spot.”

16. Yawning is contagious.

17. “My fiancée caught my dog slightly off guard.”

18. “The exact moment I stepped on and tore part of my wife’s wedding dress during our first dance.”

19. Best cuddle buddies ever!

20. “He must’ve gotten a bad lab result.”

Have you ever been lucky enough to capture such off-guard moments in your life? Share them with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit d***4d / reddit