20+ Pics Showing Happiness is Always Within Reach When You Appreciate the Simple Things

Happiness embraces us in all our experiences — yet we sometimes aren’t fully aware of it. All it takes is to slow down from our hectic lives and take a look around us. The grandmother who’s learning to write for the first time, the comfort of a cozy hug, no matter where it comes from, the man who finally gets to see colors thanks to a special present from his wife.

Bright Side wants to show you a glimpse of what happiness looks like and we have collected pictures from internet users proving that sometimes the smallest things can have the greatest impact on our everyday lives.

1. “Born 102 years apart on the same day. My son gets to meet his great-grandma for the first time.”

2. Husband caught my attempt at being a Disney princess.

3. “A pic of the happiest I’ve been in 5 years. Hang in there if you’re going through something.”

4. Hard work pays off!

“This is Arnold. He just turned 82 years old so we celebrated. He still works 5 days a week, much like he has for the past 57 years with our company. Don’t let his expression fool you. He is the most cheerful and charming man.”

© comebraidmyhair / reddit

5. A special visit from a therapy dog!

6. When you don’t want your best friend to miss out on all the fun!

7. The moment she realized we were taking her home with us.

8. “My wife bought me EnChroma Glasses for my birthday and I can see color for the first time!”

9. The turn of a century is worth a little celebration!

“My beautiful grandmother, Mary Louise, turned 100 today. She’s lived in our small town in Kansas for all of her 100 years. She still drives her car and did live by herself until only last year when my father moved in to help her out. I love her so much.”

© Rowdybob22 / reddit

10. “Going through a tough time in my life. This was a nice way to remind myself of the small things that bring happiness.”

11. “A second chance at happiness for my mom.”

12. “One of my bucket list items fulfilled: getting a puppy to grow up with my daughter!”

13. “Rico met his younger cousin today. You can definitely see the happiness on little Ben’s face.”

14. “I just love this picture of my children playing in our garden.”

15. The coziness of a warm hug.

16. “Cow hug therapy at the Gentle Barn Sanctuary.”

17. “Just wanted to share the happiness of my daughter on her first day at the beach. ”

18. “Pupper tries ice cream for the first time.”

19. “My grandmother learning to write for the very first time in her life.”

20. “My girlfriend captured the perfect moment when I booped a friendly deer.”

21. “Everybody was kung fu fighting.”

What are you most grateful for? Share with us how you’ve found happiness in the smallest of things.

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