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20 Pics That Prove Accidental Art Can Conquer Our Minds

Our universe never ceases to create truly mesmerizing art literally out of nothing. And many times, all it takes is a mere accident. This could be from a simple combination of circumstances that puts some details together and paints lovely pictures of a frost or shadows, lights, or unique figures on some everyday objects.

We at Bright Side have found some miraculously beautiful combinations of circumstances any professional painter or designer would envy.

1. “Every day for about 10 minutes the sun creates a silhouette of my head in my office where I sit.”

2. “The way the ice froze on my work truck’s hubcaps”

3. “The patterns of light and shadow cast by the solar lights”

4. “You can see the exact shape of the ceiling lamp in the shadow of my glass of water.”

5. “The condensation left by my filter cap created a city skyline”

6. “This paint looks like a surreal elephant.”

7. “A frozen cattail in our pond resembles a surrealist painting.”

8. “This tea egg’s pattern is like a subway map.”

9. “Made a salad dressing then put a light under it and it turned out like this.”

10. “A spider-web survived a snowstorm and the small pile in the middle resembles a spider.”

11. “My coffee this morning looks like a good acid trip.”

12. “The window cracked while I was on the potty this morning.”

13. “This beautiful leaf after some rain in North London”

14. “The spiral shape that formed from pencil sharpening”

15. “This puddle my friend found on his morning walk”

16. “Came in from the cold and the condensation on my glasses created this pattern.”

17. “I found this small marine ecosystem living on a glass ball.”

18. “Got some window cling for the bathroom window.”

19. “The reflection of my sticker bookmark”

20. “My onion loves me.”

Have you ever seen anything truly beautiful created by an accident before? Has the universe ever surprised you with its highly creative marvels? Please share your stories and photos with us all in the comments below.

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