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20 Pics That Prove This World Still Has a Lot to Show Us

An owl that seems to have the universe shining in its eyes, a colorful iceberg, or a tree that grew to hug its neighbor — the world is full of surprises. Even if there’s a scientific explanation for them, we love to be amazed by the world’s smallest details that brighten up our days.

Here at Bright Side, we’re falling more and more in love with nature and after reading the article we’ve prepared, we hope you’ll feel the same.

1. “My beard grows 1/4 orange and is split at pretty much the middle of my chin. It even extends up to my bottom lip.”

2. “One in a million”.

3. “Oil + coffee = golden alien rings”

4. “I found a floating tree.”

5. The last ice storm left massive ice shapes lying around.

6. “These clouds by my house look like a UFO invasion.”

7. “My car wash foam looks like a sparkling sunset.”

8. “This pattern on my wooden sideboard looks like a tiny sloth.”

9. A tree seems to be growing out of the wall.

10. A perfect heart-shaped cactus

11. The paradoxical way the snow has covered a patch in the road

12. Trees in love!

13. “I’ve got a triangle-shaped partial heterochromia in my left eye.”

14. The roots of the grass grew into the letters on this headstone, creating a perfect copy.

15. A colorful iceberg

16. “This rescued blind owl has stars in its eyes.”

17. “The end of the rainbow just appeared in our backyard.”

18. An albino turtle I saw on my vacation in Sri Lanka

19. “Caught this interesting contrast in cloud formations today.”

20. “My hair and eyelashes are naturally split into blonde and brunette.”

When was the last time nature surprised you with something special? Tell us about magical events that have happened to you, putting smiles on our faces.

Preview photo credit curtaincup / reddit