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20 Powerful Photos That Moved Us Deeply

There are some pictures that can tell you more than any words. They can make us stop and look at them again and again. The compilation we prepared today is exactly like that. Some of these pictures will make you happy, others will make you think, and others will inspire your imagination.

Bright Side has collected pictures that have a very deep meaning.

1. “When my school discovered I was undocumented, my scholarship and in-state tuition were taken away. I told my father that I was going to drop out and work instead. My father told me he’d cut his arm off before I dropped out. We made it work. Today I graduated and he’s the reason why.”

2. A rainbow cat

3. “My good friend is a photographer and she took this photo of her daughter. I thought it was awesome.”

4. “My Australian shepherd Smokey turned 3 years old today. His favorite activity is ripping the stuffing out of stuffed animals. So I gave him my 6-ft bean bag as a present.”

5. “A big brother gets a tattoo of his little brother on his arm. Little bro loves it.”

6. “My sweet boy. Morning 1 vs morning 21 after adoption.”

7. “An international flight crew.”

8. “This elephant wanted to touch my hand:”

9. Welcoming bears

10. “I found this picture floating in the ocean while snorkeling:”

11. An Egyptian girl challenges local rules by doing parkour

12. “One of my friends did a pregnancy photo shoot for her dog.”

13. “Bahraini Nouf Al Maloud hugs Saudi Zahoor Assiri as they arrive in east Saudi in their cars to promote and congratulate Saudi women on the lifting of the driving ban in Saudi Arabia.”

14. Moon fire

15. Chipmunk eating fries

16. A ballet dancer watching the match between Russia and Croatia

17. After being treated with “snowshoes,” his feet were able to work normally and he was released to the wild soon after.

18. This guy is setting the moon on fire:

19. Police are trying to rescue a drowning woman trapped in the car.

20. A shell-shocked soldier

Which photo impressed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit REUTERS / Anton Vaganov
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