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20 Tender Moments That Made Us Shed a Tear

Tenderness is one of the most beautiful emotions that human beings can experience. In fact, it is so powerful that it is capable of making us smile without us even realizing it. Maybe that’s why, when we witness a tender moment, our hand moves practically on its own, reaches for the phone, and opens the camera to immortalize it.

Bright Side gathered a series of images full of so much emotion and sweetness that they’ll melt your heart.

1. “Best day ever!”

2. “The gang is eagerly awaiting dinnertime.”

3. “My service dog alerts me before I faint so that I can find a safe spot to be unconscious. This is what I wake up to.”

4. “My wife and I don’t like jewelry, so instead of wedding rings, we got wedding tattoos of our favorite dinosaurs”

5. “I get to feel my mom’s fingerprint when I’m having a hard time, and sometimes it feels like I’m really touching her.”

6. “My parents found a kitten and our Rottweiler found a new friend to look after.”

7. “My little guy turned 1 this week!”

8. “It is Earthquake’s birthday today!”

9. “Every night, after the bath, my son tells my husband, ‘I wanna be a baby kangaroo’ and they hop all over with him in his pouch.”

10. “First photo with my crush -vs- 17 years (and 4 kids) later”

11. “Hello neighbor, how are you?”

12. “Never held a baby, I’ve avoided it, so my baby can be the first baby I hold. Today I got to hold MY baby.”

13. “Asked my best friend to watch my plant while I’m on vacation. He just sent me this.”

14. “My parents just got married!!!!”

15. “Went to the shelter to get a puppy, instead I came home with 7-year-old Tofu.”

16. “My daughters tiny foot at the mere age of 28 hours. I’m absolutely blown away by this perfect tiny being! Officially a dad!”

17. “Got stood up by my date, so thought I’d treat a special girl in my life.”

18. A good reward for a great effort

“My wife of 14 years, and mother of our 4 kids, worked so hard this year to accomplish her goal of getting back to the same size she was when we got married. She needs new clothes now, so tomorrow morning I’m going to surprise her with a brand-new wardrobe that I’ve been putting together for months.”

19. Signs of a happy puppy

20. “She said yessss”

What has been the most tender moment you have shared with your loved ones or pets? Share your best photo with us!

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