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20+ Things That Prove Nature Is a Limitless Source of Inspiration

Glowing scorpions, space-like caterpillars, bright purple snails, and butterflies with transparent wings — some of these animals are so miraculous, they seem to have come straight from a fairy tale. So if you think nature has nothing to surprise you with, it always has a few trumps up its sleeve. Scroll down to see them in all their glory.

Here at Bright Side, we never cease to be amazed by creatures of nature, and we can’t help sharing the most mesmerizing ones with you.

1. Shark eggs are translucent.

2. Haworthia Cooperi succulent has magical drops-like fleshy leaves.

3. Scorpions glow in the dark if you put UV light to them.

4. A golden tortoise beetle

5. A caterpillar that looks like the cosmos

6. A fan-throated lizard

7. An adult ocean sunfish compared to one at birth

8. A glasswing butterfly with transparent wings

9. Beehive, honey, and sunlight

10. “Purple seeds inside our runner bean plant”

11. A Mandarin duck in the reed, Central Park, NYC

12. A common collared lizard with a beautiful pattern

13. A Texas wasp moth with yellow-black boots

14. This colorful caterpillar looks like it came straight out of A Bug’s Life.

15. A feather-horned Beetle

16. Wave-shaped clouds forming over Kansas

17. A bright purple snail at the Pigeon Point Light Station in CA

18. A rare white raven spotted on Vancouver Island, Canada

19. A yellow woolly bear caterpillar

20. “This tree on my aunt’s property has a story to tell.”

21. An adult male spiny flower mantis in a threat pose.

22. A magnified dragonfly eye

Do you have something we could add to this list? We’d be happy to see your pics and comments in the section below!

Preview photo credit chonkysuccs / instagram