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20 Times Clouds Turned the Skies Into a Theater Stage

Lying on the grass, watching the clouds passing you by, and playing the game “What does this cloud look like?” is perhaps one of the best activities to do on a hot summer day. A croco cloud here, a kissing cloud there — it’s all up to your imagination. Let’s find out if you were able to see the same things we saw in the clouds from this article.

Bright Side spent another weekend and our imagination to its fullest trying to find the clouds that look like something and here’s what we’ve found (with the help of internet users, of course). Don’t miss our interesting bonus at the end.

1. Hands up! You are under arrest!

2. “This cloud looks just like a feather”

3. The sleeping moon

4. This cloud looks like a mythical beast.

5. The portal has opened.

6. Both the colors and the shape of these clouds look like a dragon.

7. Have you seen my carrot?

8. “The clouds outside my plane window look like an alien landscape.”

9. Who is this dog running after?

10. Shark attack!

11. This dragon is watching over the city.

12. The soldier cloud

13. “The clouds looked like a rolling ocean tonight.”

14. A scary dino

15. The man in the clouds

16. The world is smiling at you.

17. This cloud looks like a bottle-nosed dolphin.

18. The UFO cloud

19. The eagle is taking off.

20. The kiss

Bonus: An artist that plays with clouds and sees unusual things in everything around

Have you managed to spot any unusual clouds this summer? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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