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20 Times the Universe Wasn’t in the Right Mood

Sometimes the whole world seems to be against us and the days all scream for us to hide and not touch anything. This rough patch sometimes comes unexpectedly, but we all know that whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

Here at Bright Side we’ve found some situations that are so epic, that after they happen, the people they happen to should be made into true superheroes.

1. That’s the positive spirit: After finding his car like this in the morning, this guy says “At least it’s still summer.”

2. Alright morning, you’ve made yourself clear.

3. “Ahh, the magic of early mornings...”

4. Nice surprise

5. When you forget to close the sunroof and Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor:

6. “So this is how my day began.”

7. All the drama of someone’s poor choice is clearly mapped out here on this freshly poured sidewalk.

8. You lost something, guys.

9. This situation might take the rest of the day to figure out.

10. Dinner’s on fire.

11. Another coking genius who, it seems, wasn’t quite sure how to use the stove.

12. Here’s a photo of true pain.

13. When you get the very best seat in the class:

14. Car-tastrophe

15. This guy fell down the stairs with a 5 gallon bucket of paint.

16. Painting doesn’t seem to be as easy as it looks...

17. Pro tip: Keep your candles in another part of your apartment, away from your laptop.

18. Dinner didn’t happen that night.

19. Apparently there’s a weight limit for the second floor balcony.

20. “They look dry enough.”

What was the biggest accident that ever happened to you? Leave your stories and pictures in the comments.

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