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20+ Users Shared Awkward Moments From When They Were Young and Wild

Each era has different fashions. Some are more popular while others are less so. But as individuals, especially in our youth, we develop our personalities and experiment more with our outfits, hairstyles, and so on. Perhaps this was because our parents dressed us in a certain way or because we decided to give a creative outfit a chance. Years later, we remember many of these styles with a mixture of laughter and slight regret.

Bright Side found several users who gracefully shared photos from their childhood and adolescence, and we couldn’t help but put together a list of the most comical ones. And as cringe-worthy as some of them are, they still can give us a good laugh.

1. When you’re a model, attitude is everything.

2. “Age 8 or 9, cosplaying as Marie Antoinette...I’m a guy.”

3. “In 2008, a senior friend asked me to prom when I was a freshman. My parents didn’t want me to go but also didn’t want to forbid it, so they didn’t give me money for a dress, thinking that would stop us. We made both of our outfits entirely out of duct tape for $30 bucks.”

4. “In freshman and sophomore year, I wore a top hat all the time and put a Pokémon notepad I found in it for some reason. Circa 2009 or 2010?”

5. “Me, at age 11, playing someone’s mother in a school musical. I’m a guy.”

6. “My best friend and I (right) in 2004 having a photo shoot after filming our first Back Street Boys music video — we’re both girls.”

7. “9-year-old me wanted to be tough!”

8. “My brother and I were pre-teen rockstars, not a big deal.”

9. “Vroom, vroom! There’s a new bad boy in town!”

10. “In 1999, we thought we were so cool...”

11. “My friends affectionately refer to this picture as the ’Water Demon’ and if that doesn’t sum up my middle school years then I don’t know what does.”

12. “My mom was a middle-aged secretary at age 7.”

13. “I was the top popcorn seller in 1994.”

14. “4 years of hair blunders!”

15. “Back off, ladies! This stud muffin is taken.”

16. “They said to look natural...”

17. “Don’t worry. We all turned out to be fully-functioning adults, 1995.”

18. “I’m not gonna lie, I thought I looked cool in this picture. As someone who regularly dressed like a slob and didn’t care about my appearance too much, this picture helped my self-esteem a lot.”

19. “Yeah, I got picked on a little bit! 1985, what a year...”

20. “My boyfriend being tough in the eighth grade”

21. “At my school, this tan line was a status symbol.”

22. “The choppy hair cut, the one flipped side, missing half of my teeth, no eyebrows — my mom ruined me with that style.”

23. “I think I was the youngest loan shark in history.”

Did you have different styles during your school days? Which one makes you laugh the most today?