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20 Wonders That Are More Unlikely Than Seeing a Unicorn

Most of the time we are surrounded by ordinary things that we know all too well. But you might come across a gem that can really surprise you. So if you know where to look or if you get extremely lucky, you might just see a fog dome or a neon-pink slug that look like they came straight out of a sci-fi movie!

We at Bright Side love everything unique. So here are some amazing things that can make you even more fascinated by life and its creativity!

1. An albino in India

2. A spherical cloud

3. This blue-eyed Maine Coon cat

4. “This watermelon that looks like a deflated soccer ball”

5. “This egg has 2 shells.”

6. “This bicolor sunflower I grew”

7. “A rare sunset phenomenon called a split sunset, in North Carolina”

8. This eye color

9. In the right conditions, when water freezes in dead wood it can create “Hair Ice.”

10. A rare sight of a 65-foot-tall Lava Dome in Hawaii

11. “The shape of this cucumber in my garden”

12. “An opal with a sky of its own! ”

13. “A walnut tree in our backyard looks like it has eyes.”

14. This neon-pink slug

15. These 2 strangers that look exactly like each other were seated together on a plane!

16. Volcanic lightning

17. A “fog dome”

18. Snow in the Sahara desert

19. “The way this palm tree is growing”

20. This lemon is shaped like a carrot!

Have you ever encountered something this unusual? We’d love to see your photos in the comments!

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