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21 Misleading Things That Look Like Something Else

It’s funny how just a bit of snow can transform a regular Volkswagen into a grumpy character from Cars. Ordinary objects might look like something completely different in a glance. Thank God we got photographs to capture the resemblance because it seems like the longer we stare, the more obvious the likeness becomes.

Bright Side gathered 21 things that will make you look twice or maybe even 3 times to make sure you understand what you’re looking at.

1. The car who hates snow

2. A bonsai that our mothers would probably cover with a blanket

3. “No more reds with whites, please!”

4. I wouldn’t touch that one.

5. Maybe the Flintstones never finished their meal.

6. “Don’t do it, please, please Hammer!”

7. “This dude is listening to some beats.”

8. This pepper is really missing its other half.

9. This flickering beauty

10. This Samurai leaf

11. No one’s eating this cutie.

12. You buy one duck, and you get one duck and one mini husky for free.

13. The Playmobile Man

14. Just a veggie duck posing for Instagram...

15. I love you, mommy!

16. Pineapples look amazing no matter where they are.

17. This radish is ready for a photo shoot.

18. A happy puppy cloud

19. This Jolly Green Giant

20. A beautiful cat sculpture that the delivery boy brought with the pizza

21. “So, my wife is a centaur.”

Which picture made you laugh the most and which one made you say “wow”? Do you have any photos of things that look like something else? Share with us in the comment section below.

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