21 Times Nature Got Bored and Decided to Play Tricks on Us

Cucumbers have faces, stones can be bread, and tomatoes are ducks. While these may seem like things from a parallel universe, they can actually be found right here on Earth. But don’t worry, aliens haven’t invaded yet — nature simply got bored and decided to play.

Bright Side found some things that will make your jaw drop right to the floor.

1. “I was born without finger or toe prints.”

2. A potato shaped like a heart with arteries

3. I unintentionally left beets to overwinter in the garden (chicken for scale).

4. This rock looks like a loaf of bread with a bite taken out.

5. “I inherited this small gap between my middle finger and ring finger from my dad. Both hands are like this.”

6. Our tomato looks like a duck.

7. “I cut the most adorable cucumber at work.”

8. “The way my windshield froze”

9. “My dad cracked 3 eggs this morning, which all happened to have double yolks.”

10. “My arm after biking through heavy fog at 5 AM”

11. “Sometimes one of my chickens lays a wrinkly egg.”

12. The way these dew drops form on these strawberry leaves

13. “A shadow from my pint glass”

14. “This snowflake-shaped sand that formed on my car after a sandstorm”

15. “We were welcomed on our hike by this smiley face tree moss.”

16. Double-shelled egg

17. “These crazy clouds over Seattle this morning”

18. This rock looks like an old bearded man.

19. “I boiled my apples to remove any store-added wax and it made my apples bleed natural wax.”

20. “This reflection of the sun off my curved metal faucet”

21. “My dog has an incredibly long tongue.”

Do you have any pictures of nature messing with you? If so, would you like to share them with the rest of us?

Preview photo credit jedWanderMouse / Reddit
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