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23 Facepalm Ideas From People Who Have to Find Another Job


Sometimes our attempts to get things done don’t get us closer to our goals. Just have a look at this Hermione Granger figurine, a cat moneybox, and many other things — they’ll definitely make you either cry or laugh.

Bright Side wants to show you some people’s failed attempts to do their jobs. Have fun!

Sometimes you shouldn’t trust instructions.

At least you tried.

Here’s one more challenge for you:

“This was the clock at the house I was babysitting at. There’s not even a 9.”

The idea was actually cute.

Prepare your children for this cruel and unfair world.

Hermione, what happened?

The Avengers have changed.

We hope they managed to find this room.

“The shower at my dorm”

“You don’t know how many times I press that key and enter ’ù’ at the same time.”

These designers were quite crazy.

A fast, cheap repair

Waste sorting in Greece

“This poster in my computer science class”

Try to take a shower and survive.

“They promised a sea-view room. Nailed it!”

“This ceiling fan in my classroom”

When you order a vegetarian pizza, you don’t expect to get this:

Expectation and reality in one picture

“Let our work glorify our region.”

“This would be enough.”

“It’s okay, we’ll place a fridge there.”

Something is completely wrong with these cows.

Do you have any pictures depicting fails like these? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit mmmeba / pikabu